Criminal Law

  If you’ve been arrested for a crime involving violence or the threat of violence, your freedom and liberty is at stake. Crimes involving injury or the threat of injury to another are some of the most zealously prosecuted crimes Florida due to their nature. Regardless of whether the allegation is one involving a simple bar room scuffle or one where someone is permanently and severely injured or dies, the police, State Attorney’s Office, and the court take crime very seriously. There is a near zero tolerance policy amongst our Court system meaning that penalties for crimes of violence is typically more severe. If you find yourself arrested for this classification of crime, protect yourself and your liberty by hiring an experienced lawyer at The Thibault Law Firm.  Richard Thibault is experienced in defending clients against aggressive prosecution and regardless of factual scenario and  will work to achieving the best result possible for you. Whether it is earning your entry into a pretrial intervention program to avoid criminal prosecution or taking your case before a jury to litigate. Hiring an experienced criminal lawyer is your first and best step at protecting your liberty.  


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